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Darth Vader's Tower was a building on Coruscant in the Imperial City. The tower was a retreat for Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, and he used the building to meditate and train in the Force. Vader kept one of his meditation spheres within the building, allowing him to remove portions of his armor safely. Following the Battle of Shumari, Vader kept one of his secret students, Tao, in the tower, away from his master, Emperor Palpatine. After the Battle of Yavin, Vader retired to his tower to meditate on the identity of the Rebel pilot who had destroyed the Death Star. There he was confronted by Tao, and the two briefly sparred together.[1]

Vader returned to the tower once again after he had discovered that Luke Skywalker, his lost son, was the pilot who had destroyed the Death Star. As Vader meditated about how to best reunite with his son, he was approached by Tao once again. Vader, knowing that his son was alive, had no use for Tao, and he told the boy to go his own way. Tao was furious, but he left the tower, saddened that Vader had decided to abandon him.[1]

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This tower appears to be modeled after the facemask of Vader's armor. It is unknown how this building relates to Darth Vader's Palace, a building which served in the same function as this tower.[1]


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