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Darth Wredd starship

Darth Wredd's starship escapes Mala

The rogue Sith Darth Wredd owned a starship between 138 and 139 ABY. It had previously belonged to his Sith master, whom he killed during an ambush in the Surd Nebula. Wredd and his master used this starship to shoot down the Imperial Knight Yalta Val's shuttle, which crash-landed on the floating world of Mala. Following the Carreras Incident, Wredd used his starship to escape the Carreras system. He then embarked on an insurgency against the One Sith, killing several Sith infiltrators. Later, he used his starship to escape Coruscant with the Imperial Jao Assam, whom he intended to recruit as a Sith apprentice. Darth Wredd used this starship to travel to Mala with Jao, where he laid a trap for both the Imperial Knights and the One Sith; which culminated in the Battle of the Floating World.