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This article is non-canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

This article covers a Star Wars Legends subject that was published under the Infinities label or that Lucasfilm otherwise declared to be non-canon within the Legends continuity.


The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on official non-canon information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.


A Rodian playing darts.

The game of darts was a game played by throwing pointed darts at a circular game board, which could be hung on a wall. These darts would be thrown at the bright dart board, and where they would land determined the score the player received. It was also possible for a dart to miss the board and embed itself in the surrounding wall.

In an unknown cantina, a Rodian could be seen playing darts.

Behind the scenesEdit

The game of darts has only appeared in one non-canon source. It is possible that the game is indeed included in Star Wars canon; however, a particular source has not been made.


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