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The Dashta eels were a species of eels native to Ord Cestus and unknown to the outside galaxy. Immature ones were the size of a clenched Human fist when coiled, and had blind eyes. The young had no sexes; after they matured, they entered into sexual differentiation, gained a form of sentience, and grew larger. Unfertilized eggs develop into Dashta eels that remained immature and non-sentient. The head eels were the Guides.

Dashta eels were from the Zantay Caves, and were worshiped by the X'Ting for thousands of years. They were named after Kilaphor Dashta.

The unfertilized Dashta eels were given to the X'Ting so that they could make JK-series droids. Although these unfertilized specimens were not sentient, they still demonstrated a profound level of Force-sensitivity, making them the first known example of non-sentient Force sensitives. The sentient, adult Dashta eels also gave the X'Ting the first fungal spores used for food and medicine long ago. The mad geneticist Zeta Magnus experimented with dashta tissue during the Clone Wars.



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