Data File is a recurring two-page department of the Star Wars Rebels Magazine. It contains a spec sheet and an array of additional data related to a particular starship or weapon.

Data FilesEdit

1 "Data File: The Ghost"January 28, 2015
2 "Data File: TIE Fighter"February 25, 2015
3 "Data File: Kanan's Lightsaber"March 25, 2015
4 "Data File: The Phantom"April 22, 2015
5 "Data File: AT-DP"May 20, 2015
6 "Data File: Imperial Troop Transport"June 17, 2015
7 "Data File: Imperial Freighter"July 15, 2015
8 "Data File: Ezra's Lightsaber"August 12, 2015
9 "Data File: New Starfighters"September 9, 2015

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