Datadaggers were concealed personal weapons seen among the gentry and nobility of Chandrila.


Each dagger was typically an elaborate and decorative 20-centimeter long ivory code cylinder. As with a normal code cylinder, it was capable of interfacing with datapads, computer terminals, and doors. Unlike a normal code cylinder however, a needle-sharp blade was a hidden in the plug-in socket. Twisting the hilt extended the dagger. Datadaggers were almost never detected by standard weapons scans because the blade was carefully nestled among the delicate electronics. Some of the more finely made daggers were family heirlooms passed on through the generations.[2]

Datadaggers were typically used for self-defense, however poisoned datadaggers were used in assassination attempts.[2] Owning this weapon was illegal in all but specific, highly regulated circumstances.[1]


A datadagger was frequently used by Ratambo Gale, a member of the Malkite Poisoners on the world of Chandrila.[2]


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