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The religion of Dathomir is the one followed by the Nightbrothers and the Nightsisters, practiced regularly by the Nightsisters. It is a polytheistic religion, following two deities, together known as the Twin Deities.

The ForceEdit

Mother Talzin completely rejects the idea of the Force; she instead calls it 'supernatural powers'.

The Prophets of the Dark Side are similar to the Sith. Their teaching derive from Darth Millennial, though they are not warriors. They claim to possess powers of fortune-telling. Talzin doubts their faith and relation to the Spirits.

Groups who have claimed to adhere to traditions include:


It is permissible that Nightsisters receive credits for their services. According to their skills, they can choose one of two specializations: warrior or assassin.

The Nightsisters have to go through a harsh training program. If the individual wishes to serve a Sith Lord, their failure will result in death. Only the clan mothers may broker the services.