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NS banners

Nightsister banners covered with glyphs.

The Witches of Dathomir on planet Dathomir used those mystic symbols on hanging banners of different styles known as "The Maiden", "The Crone" and "The Mother".[1] The Talisman of Finding, an enchanted necklace owned by the Nightsister Talzin, was engraved with similar glyphs, and the very same inscriptions were used to embellish the footers of Wild Power, Talzin's manifesto on the Nightsister beliefs.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The names of the Nightsister banners—Maiden, Crone and Mother—that could be bought in the defunct Star Wars Galaxies[1] refer to the Triple Goddess, a Neopagan concept of a female threefold deity, either one goddess with three distinct manifestations, or three goddesses who form a unit.[3]


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