"Your service to the Empire will long be remembered."
Parco Ein to Daven[src]

Daven Quarle was a male Human aide to the Imperial governor Parco Ein during the Empire's occupation of the planet Verkuyl.

Ein placed Quarle in charge of finding a suitable corporation that could build a bacta refinery to help drive the Imperial military machine against the New Republic. Using his position of power to gain influence, he became a double agent pretending to be a part of the resistance to take out the the Empire's presence on Verkuyl. While working for the resistance he met a New Republic Intelligence agent, Selby Jarrad. Using her connection with the NRI, he was able to obtain evidence that the Republic was planning on sending a liberation fleet to Verkuyl. He then alerted Ein of the fleet's arrival, double-crossing Selby. Selby, using her earsculpt listening device, realized that Daven had double-crossed her, overhearing his conversation with the local Imperial Governor. When he returned, the two argued over the differences between the Empire's control of Verkuylian BactaCo and the potential for the company under New Republic leadership. In the end, he had nearly persuaded Selby to side with him and not hail the nearby New Republic fleet, and keep the planet under the control of the Empire for the good of the workers. Selby reconsidered and shot him with a blaster. She subsequently hailed the New Republic fleet and the planet was taken by the New Republic.

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