David F. Bischoff is an American science fiction writer and author of Be Still My Heart: The Bartender's Tale, a short story in Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina.


Born in Washington D.C. and now living in Eugene, Oregon, he is the author of various science fiction series including the Gaming Magi series and the Dragonstar Trilogy with Thomas Monteleone. He also wrote novelizations for WarGames, The Blob, and Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

He also worked on various television series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, where he wrote the episodes Tin Man and First Contact (not to be confused with the Star Trek movie First Contact). He also wrote the Star Trek tie-in novel Grounded, which spent time on the bestseller list.

Other TV work included Dinosaucers produced by DIC Entertainment. His interest in dinosaurs led him to write the second of 24 books in the Time Machine series, Search for Dinosaurs.

In addition to some seventy-five original novels, Bischoff has also written tie-in novels for series such as Farscape, Space Precinct, and Jonny Quest, a number of them under pseudonyms. He has also written show-business related nonfiction under a variety of names.

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