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Davik Kang's estate was Davik Kang's home and main base of Exchange operations on Taris. It had many rooms and areas. The guest lounge had a slave chamber where guests could get a free massage. There was an armory and torture chamber which he used to interrogate undesirable individuals such as Hudrow. The estate also had many security guards patrolling nearly every centimeter of the estate. Davik's top two men, the Mandalorian Canderous Ordo and the bounty hunter Calo Nord, both had rooms at his estate. Nord's quarters contained many stuffed creature heads, including a young rancor. A gigantic hangar housed Kang's most prized possession, the Ebon Hawk.

When Revan crash-landed on Taris with Carth Onasi, Ordo decided to steal the Ebon Hawk with Revan and escape the planet. To do so, they infiltrated Davik's estate, explaining that Revan was looking for a job in the Exchange. After Kang and Nord left, they explored the estate and, after raiding most of Kang's possessions and killing most of the guards, reached the hangar as Darth Malak and the Sith bombed the planet. Davik and Calo entered the hangar as well and a skirmish ensured. Malak's shots damaged the estate and Davik was killed. Calo was thought to be dead, but actually escaped the bombardment of the planet.


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