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Davin Novachez, known by the nickname "Dav" was a male Human native of Tatooine. He was the big brother of Roan Novachez and Oliver "Ollie" Novachez. He attended Pilot Academy to become a pilot like his father and grandfather. Although his age is unknown, he was an older teenager. He wrote to Roan almost as much as his Dad did, and showed an extent of interest in his career. He also had a girlfriend named Enowyne, who he likely met at the Academy. It is likely that his experiences with her furthered his understanding of Roan's relationship with Gaiana.

Personality and traitsEdit

Dav was optimistic, hard-working, and supportive, especially of his little brother, Roan. He was also something of a tease, but this was only seen with Roan and it wasn't above average for their relationship. He was also kind-hearted.

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