Davis was a male Human smuggler who aided Han Solo and Chewbacca on Skip 5 when they were attacked by Glottalphib bounty hunters hired by Nandreeson.


Davis initially tried to join up with Han Solo on Skip 5 in the asteroid belt, Smuggler's Run. He helped Solo barter with the Jawa traders on Skip 5 and fired the shot that killed the crime lord Nandreeson's assistant, Iisner — shedding a somewhat suspicious light on him in Solo's eyes. He was in a relationship with Ana Blue, and was killed in 17 ABY when booby trapped droids, set by Kueller, exploded on Skip 1. The droids were not meant for the Skip, and Davis's death was an accident, as well as everyone else's who had died. The smuggled droids had been meant for Coruscant, where they would explode and kill some of the remaining Senators.

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