Davrel was a blue-armored Mandalorian recruit on Dxun during the Dark Wars, serving under Mandalore the Preserver.


"You would deny my request? I want to fight here, in front of other Mandalorians to prove my worth. Do not shame me further."

Having missed the opportunity to fight in the Mandalorian Wars due to his young age at that time, Davrel felt unworthy and wanted to seek a way to prove himself a worthy Mandalorian.

When he was challenged by Meetra Surik in the Battle Circle on Dxun, he gladly accepted the challenge, but lost, even though they fought unarmed and Surik was not using the Force. Enraged, Davrel waited for Surik outside the Mandalorian camp and challenged her to a fight without rules, asking to give him a warrior's death.

Instead of killing him in a battle where he would not stand a chance, Surik suggested another way of improving his reputation of a warrior. Davrel agreed to help her defeat a zakkeg and by doing so, redeemed himself for his failure in the Battle Circle, and proving himself to be a good warrior.

Behind the scenesEdit

An alternate ending includes Surik adhering to Davrel's wish and giving him an honorable death. In this case, Canderous Ordo, the Mandalore, would commend Surik for their understanding of the Mandalorian ways.

Davrel can also fall in combat if the zakkeg is not killed fast enough.

Another alternative light-side option is too, when Davrel confronts Surik outside the Mandalorian camp, Surik can also turn down Davrel's request for an honorable death, therefore Davrel runs off into the jungle. His body is eventually found later, killed by permacrete detonators.