Davv'si was a Herglic farmer who lived on the planet Almas during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


In c. 31 BBY, members of the Believers Sith cult began poisoning kaluthin plants on Almas and shortly after the poisoning of a farm owned by Rashen Sotose, Davv'si and a number of other Almas farmers sighted some unidentifed airspeeders moving about. Because of the incident at Sotose's farm, Davv'si and the other farmers decided not to take any chances, so they pulled all of their harvesters into a tight circle and waited in the middle, with their blaster rifles at the ready. The Heroes of Cularin, who were investigating the poisoning of the Kaluthin, approached the group of farmers, and Davv'si informed them of the speeders that the farmers had seen.


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