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Dawn of Defiance is a campaign for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game comprising ten downloadable adventures. The first adventure, titled The Traitor's Gambit was made available in November 2007 on the Wizards of the Coast website. It is designed as one story arc that takes characters from 1st level to 20th level. The entire campaign is the equivalent of a 320+ page campaign guide, and players are able to download it for free.



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Dawn of Defiance is the name given to a series of 10 linked adventures that Gamemasters can use to create an entire campaign for their players. Set in the months after the events of Revenge of the Sith, the adventures in the Dawn of Defiance campaign are designed to provide players and GMs with the iconic Star Wars Roleplaying Game experience, set against the backdrop of the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. The Dawn of Defiance campaign takes the heroes all the way from 1st level up to 20th level and features an ongoing storyline that progresses over the course of the campaign. Each adventure can also be played individually and should provide the heroes with ample challenges to gain two levels per adventure. Gamemasters should feel free to use the Dawn of Defiance adventures either as an entire campaign or as fillers for their own home campaigns.


Number Title AuthorRelease date
1The Traitor's GambitRodney ThompsonNovember 29, 2007
2A Wretched HiveRodney ThompsonDecember 20, 2007
3The Queen of Air and DarknessRodney ThompsonFebruary 28, 2008
4Echoes of the JediAbel G. Peña and Jean-François BoivinApril 3, 2008
5The First to StrikeOwen K.C. StephensJune 13, 2008
6The Core of CorruptionSterling HersheyAugust 6, 2008
7A Reckoning of WraithsGary AstlefordNovember 7, 2008
8The Gem of AlderaanGary M. SarliFebruary 5, 2009
9Sword of the EmpireRodney Thompson, John Jackson Miller[1]May 7, 2009
10Jaws of the SarlaccRodney ThompsonOctober 28, 2009

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