The Tynnan demolitions expert Dawson was a partner to thief Cecil Noone around 0 ABY. He carried timers, triggers, detonators, putty, raw baradium, thermite gel, shaped detonite, and vials of Nergon-14, along with assorted other gadgets in a satchel with him wherever he went and was quite adept at improvising bombs & traps from odds and ends, including a Quay 'pre-programmed prognosticator' novelty toy.


Dawson spent 18 years free of responsibility on Tynna, before he was selected in the lottery to fill a role in the Tynnan government. Horrified at the prospect, he fled the planet, eventually joining up with Cecil Noone and his crew of professional thieves. Dawson brought his demolitions skills to their tasks, most notably stealing a Hapan Gun of Command from the Ithorian Herdship Song of the Clouds.[1] While the heist was ultimately successful, the team struggled to find a buyer for their unique item, forcing them to approach the dangerous hunter Tyro Viveca. Viveco turned the tables on Noone, hunting the thief in his compound on Kabal. It was only Dawson's demolitions skills that enabled the team of thieves to defeat the Krish and escape the planet.[2]



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