The Day of Demand was a day on which the heir to the throne of the planet Alderaan would claim their right to the throne. It was held on the sixteenth anniversary of the individual's Name Day. During the ceremony, the individual would name three challenges, one each of the body, mind and heart. If these challenges were deemed worthy, the heir would be tasked with completing the challenges to prove themselves worthy of being invested as the crown prince or princess of Alderaan. In 3 BBY, one such Day of Demand was held for Princess Leia Organa.[1]


The ceremony dated back to the founding of the Alderaanian monarchy. The requirement of the heir to prove themselves worthy was seen as a primary reason for the Alderaanian monarchy's longevity. In early Days of Demand, princes and princesses would have to fight their way to the throne room to make their demand, which was remembered in later ceremonies by the carrying of the Rhindon Sword.[1]


The ceremony followed an established script, involving the heir, monarch and viceroy. If the heir was adopted, they would add the words "it is known" to their first lines announcing they had come of age. The heir was also required to state their challenges of the Body, Mind and Heart, in that order.[1]


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