Day of Three Suns

Moorjhoni burned alive during the Day of Three Suns.

The Day of Three Suns was a day on Moorjhone when all three suns in the planet's system would rise on the same side. This phenomenon only occurred every ten years, resulting in the burning of everything on the surface of Moorjhone. Between these events, two of the suns would provide enough heat and light for a barely tolerable climate.

The coming of Ja'Boag to Moorjhone led to the expulsion of the planet's inhabitants from their caves as they were forced to work for him. Because the caves were a necessity for survival during the Day of Three Suns, the populace was endangered as the event drew near. A recovered Darth Maul from the desert was convinced to lead an army of these residents against Ja'Boag, so that they would be able to return safely to their homes, however his intent was focusing solely on killing Ja'Boag and rescuing his brother Savage Opress.


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