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«You can't just murder a whole village!»
―Dayso to the Czerka Protocol Officer[src]

Dayso Cooh was a male Duros conservationist on Tatooine who complained to Czerka Corporation about their attempts to kill a whole tribe of Sand People in 3956 BBY. He later asked Revan to find a peaceful way to have the Sand People reduce their attacks on Czerka miners, suggesting that Yuka Laka might possess a translation droid that could speak the Tusken language. Yuka Laka did in fact own such a droid, HK-47, which Revan then used to negotiate peace with the Tusken Raiders in exchange for a pair of moisture vaporators.

Behind the scenesEdit

The player may also refuse to find a peaceful method and simply wipe out the tribe of sand people. Either way, Dayso storms off infuriated and doubting that Revan will attempt to find a peaceful solution.

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