"We don't have settlements. DOKAWs saw to that."
―Nick Rostu[src]

De-Orbiting Kinetic Anti-emplacement Weapons or DOKAWs were durasteel rods with rudimentary guidance systems, thrusters, and an ion engine, kept in orbit over a battlefront world. When activated, the DOKAW (massing a total of just over 200 kilograms, with 100 of those the durasteel core) would be de-orbited and guided down to hit its target at 30,000 kilometers per hour, effectively creating a guided meteorite weapon.

They were fairly limited weapons, as they could only be used against enemies with no spacefaring forces or ground-based turbolasers, both of which could destroy the DOKAWs while they were still in orbit. They also were useless against mobile targets. Nevertheless, they were cheap to produce, and were used over various worlds during the Clone Wars.



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