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Commander deWolf was a fat man with a broad, generous face and tiny, darting eyes. During the time of the Galactic Civil War, he was in control of the Prison Base on the planet Branth. He preferred to look unarmed, though he always had a small blaster pistol beneath his desk, and wore no armor. In addition to running the base, he also made some small amount of profit from selling scrap metal to droid companies. When a group of Rebels entered his base, intent on freeing all the Rebel Alliance prisoners held captive, he was more than happy to greet them kindly when they entered his office. He explained to them (in a lavish and graceful backwoods drawl) that he was not as loyal to the Galactic Empire as they might think (which was a lie) and that he would be more than happy to share with them some of the wealth which he has acquired, going so far as to offer them an Imperial CR90 corvette which was docked in his hangar. He was rather insistent on getting the Rebels to accept this offer, stating that they needed it more than he did and that he only wanted to be left alone on his planet as he was content making his extra money from the scrap metal and simply liked to feel in control, going so far as to say that his post made him happy.

Of course, he was simply planning on leading the group of Rebels down to the hangar personally where he had set an ambush for them to be captured and imprisoned along with the others. The group, however, did not accept his offer and instead started a small firefight in his office. It was then that he revealed the hidden blaster pistol hidden under his desk. Though it was thought that deWolf died in this conflict, reports have neither confirmed nor denied this for certain.