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"Do you always carry a deactivator?"
"Just because I'm a pacifist doesn't mean I won't defend myself!"
"Now you sound like a Jedi."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Duchess Satine Kryze fighting off assassin droids[src]

A deactivator hold-out pistol fired a blast of energy that deactivated any droid hit by its bolt. Despite its small size, it could also be a deadly weapon.


In 21 BBY, Senator Rush Clovis used this pistol to threaten Lott Dod and save Padmé Amidala's life.[1]

During the Clone Wars, the Duchess of Mandalore's personal starship, the Coronet, was attacked by assassin probes and probe killers. Duchess Satine Kryze produced a small handheld deactivator from her sleeve and proceeded to fire at the small probe killers, disabling several with each shot. While on Coruscant, Duchess Satine used her deactivator to disable a police probe, which was following her after she had been framed for murder.[2]

Onaconda Farr's aide and killer, Lolo Purs, also used this weapon to take Padmé Amidala hostage when she was accused of Farr's murder by the Naboo senator.[3]

The Selkath bounty hunter Mantu also used one of these weapons.[4]



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