The Deadeyes were a Republic Army squad of snipers who fought against the Sith Empire during the Cold War. It was led by Aric Jorgan prior to his transfer to Ord Mantell, after which his former executive officer, Torve, assumed command.[1]

The squad consisted of elite marksmen who performed "decapitation strikes," in which the Deadeye snipers would eliminate the officers of enemy units before Republic attacks in order to leave the opposition leaderless and disorganized. On occasion, the Deadeyes would wait outside an enemy base for weeks while waiting for a clear shot.[1]

While with this unit, Jorgan claimed over a dozen confirmed kills.[1]

After Jorgan left the Deadeyes, the unit was captured by Imperials during a routine mission within neutral Hutt territory on Nar Shaddaa. This was part of an infiltration scheme devised by SIS Senior Agent Zane, who was determined to test the Imperial penal system to locate Dusk 9, an Imperial black ops prison and research station, though he told them they were going to rescue POWs. However, the Deadeyes didn't anticipate that the Imperials would split them up as they were shipped offworld to perform menial labor.[1]

After taking a personal interest in the situation, Meteor and Jorgan met with Republic Strategic Information Service Agent Jonas Balkar to track down the squad. Zane warned Havoc against interference in his operation, fearing it may ruin his plan. Nonetheless, Havoc Squad sought out to find the Deadeyes using information taken from Imperial databanks. They first find Torve on Tatooine before locating the rest of the unit on Hoth, though sadly two members, Trace and Copland died from the cold.[1]


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