"He came to me when I was visiting Coruscant."
"He threatened me. He was terrifying. Then he said he just wanted… to know when Bail was here, and when he was planning to leave. At first. Then he wanted… more."
―Deara Antilles and Breha Organa[src]

Deara Antilles was a Human female who was the sister of Queen Breha Organa. Around 18 BBY, she served as her sister's advisor and the caretaker of Breha's adopted daughter Leia. However, unbeknownst to her relatives, Antilles was actually working as a spy for Darth Vader, after the Sith Lord threatened her while she was on Coruscant. After she was discovered by Ferus Olin and Bail Organa, Breha had mercy on her sister and exiled her to Ankori-7.

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