The Death's Claw was a pirate organization that was active on the planets Taris and Rishi during the Cold War. Known for robbing anything that talked and shooting anything that didn't, They proved very skilled by acquiring the Rakghoul serum when the Taris Resettlement Initiative did not. Some of the serum was later retrieved by a lone Republic spacer, though unknown if from the pirates or from the Dynamet General Hospital.

While exploring Taris, they also acquired relics that once belonged to the Jedi Covenant. Captain Dugge and two pirate guards were negotiating those relics with Materrus, a Sith working for Darth Angral. Around 3642 BBY their base of operations on the Brell Sediment, the Rasaaran storage facility, became a mining facility for the republic's Project Siantide. A similar thing happened to their main base, the Fallenspire Stronghold, wich became general Durant's compound, another facility working on project Siantide.

It is unknown if the pirates that guarded both bases were all defeated or simply abandoned it because the Galactic Republic troops and alien settlers took control of everything around the area, as a lot of the pirates were still on the planet when the Sith Empire made the final assault on Olaris, destroying the Republic presence and threatening the existence of anyone else on Taris who was not allied with them. The Death's Claw pirates can later be seen on Rishi, meaning that they were not defeated after the Empire took complete control of Taris.