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This article is about Vygar's frigate. You may be looking for the death mark (a type of bounty) or the superweapon.

The Death Mark was a frigate that used to belong to an Imperial bounty hunter known as Vygar. Wanting to offer his colleagues a place of their own where they could rest, make repairs and socialize with their colleagues, Vygar decided to integrate his ship into the Zirtran's Anchor space station.

Apart from bounty hunters, mercenaries, privateers, pilots-for-hire, and other freelancers also frequented the Death Mark. No longer in the possession of Vygar, the Death Mark also offered medical services, armory, and communication facilities to licensed bounty hunters. Non-guild hunters and general spacers could also use these facilities, but at a slightly increased price.

The successful protector firm Reenogga Personal Services3 operated from the Death Mark where their main office was situated.


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