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Death of a Rebel Base is a short story written by Greg Gorden, originally published in the Imperial Sourcebook and later archived on Hyperspace.


A Stormtrooper force led by Commander Hayvlin launched a punitive strike on an unidentified Rebel base. The force, based from the Star Destroyer Avenger, approached the base in AT-ATs. Upon reaching the perimeter of the base, Stormtroopers dismounted their vehicles and swept the Rebel defenders back inside the base. A cutting team was called in to break down the blast doors. Stormtroopers then drove the defenders back through the base, taking casualties but advancing quickly and inexorably. The Rebels were driven to their only hope for escape, a hangar bay at the rear of the base. There they boarded airspeeders and attempted to flee, but were all shot down by waiting AT-ATs beyond the hangar bay doors. Imperial troops, having disabled the Rebels' shield generator, then retreated beyond the perimeter of the base so that the Avenger could finish off the base with an orbital bombardment. Commander Hayvlin was later praised by Captain Ferdas for his work leading the assault.


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