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The Decimator 397 series assassin droids were frighteningly tall assassin droids with dull black bodies. They had sharp angles, and long, dagger-like fingers. The head of the droid looked vaguely humanoid and it had thin eye slits with a heavy metal "brow", which gave it the appearance of looking very hard for something. All of these droids came equipped with a single blaster cannon and a concussion missile launcher. When deactivated, they had a thin wire running from the base of their neck into nearby wall ports which were often hooked into security computers.

If a being was to either shoot at the droid, or to cut the wire, the droid would activate causing two small red points of light to appear beneath its heavy brow. The assassin droids would pursue its targets relentlessly, though they were not stupid; if they thought they were being overpowered or were in danger of walking into a trap, they would break off their attack. They were known to follow their targets over great distances, often boarding their starships with them without them noticing and attacking them while on board.