In 40 ABY, the Five Worlds government of the Corellian system assembled a decoy fleet of decommissioned and nearly derelict vessels, and brought it to a deep-space rendezvous point to conduct negotiations with the Galactic Alliance. Captain Hoclaw's Victory-class Star Destroyer Valorum served as the flagship of the fleet. The negotiations were a farce, however, as Five World Prime Minister Sadras Koyan was simply attempting to lure Alliance Chief of State Jacen Solo to the negotiation site in order to fire Centerpoint Station, an ancient superweapon that hung in the Corellian system, at Solo's flagship. A battle occurred between the decoy fleet and the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet, and Corellian reinforcements arrived to help. Centerpoint's repulsor weapon fired and destroyed the GA Second Fleet and the decoy fleet.