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Deej Warrick was an adventurous Ewok warrior.


Deej and his wife Shodu had four children: Weechee, Willy, Wicket and Winda. Deej's father was the son of Erpham Warrick, the Ewok who made the famed Ewok battle wagon.

One day, when Deej had taken his sons fishing, he cut himself on some sharp rokna tree fungus, which caused him to fall deathly ill. He was nursed back to health by his loving wife, Shodu, while his children helped to find the ingredients for Logray to create an antidote to cure him. He recovered completely.

Deej (Cartoon)

Deej Warrick.

While looking for his older sons one day, Deej spotted the Towani family's fallen starcruiser, and later helped Mace and Cindel Towani find their parents.

Behind the scenesEdit

Deej was performed by Daniel Frishman and voiced by Sydney Walker in both Ewok films.



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