Deelguh was a Rodian Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order around the founding of the Galactic Republic before abandoning the Order to become an assassin.


A Jedi Knight, Deelguh was a skilled Jedi ace pilot who served the Jedi Order. He trained alongside the Corellian Taradon as a Padawan during their adolescence. During his career as a Knight, Deelguh abandoned the Jedi and became an assassin, and garnering the attention of his former friend Taradon. Leading a raid on Ilum in and attempt to raid its stores of Adegan crystals, Deelguh was pursued by Taradon. Recognizing Deelguh as his equal, Taradon turned his starfighter into Deelguh as he tried to land on the planet causing both ships to explode in a fireball.[1]


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