"Originally designed as a space yacht, the Deep-X Explorer has become popular with scouts, who have converted this starship class for deep space exploration."

The Deep-X Explorer was a scout vessel manufactured by Uulshos Manufacturing. It was a variant of the DPx yacht.


Constructed by Uulshos Manufacturing, the Deep-X Explorer was a variant of the DPx yacht, intended for use as a long-range scouting vessel. Like its base model, it employed a dual-engine configuration and a forward-swept-wing body for improved maneuverability and atmospheric handling. For the Deep-X, the engine compartment had been enhanced for maximum performance, including two hyperdrives, which made the ship one of the fastest and most reliable long-range vessels in the galaxy. The sublight engines were on par with those found in starfighters, and it was armed with two blaster cannons. However, in order to use the weapons, passengers had to act as gunners.[1]


The Deep-X Explorer was a long-range, deep space scout vessel.[1]



A Deep-X Explorer alongside a Star Seeder-class Colony Ship

The Deep-X Explorer was a variant of the DPx yacht. The DPx was a top of the line luxury vessel, but conversion to the Deep-X created one of the galaxy's fastest and most successful scout vessels.[1]

The Wild Star was a Deep-X Explorer active during the Galactic Civil War. It was present at Fizzi's Slightly Used Ships awaiting purchase. Its sublight engines had been replace with a Boshaa-C'hi Ion Drive.[4]



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