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Deep Cradle

The Deep Cradle

"All that is Voss comes from Voss."
―Words of ancient Voss creation myth[src]

The Deep Cradle was a ruin that marked the surface of the planet Voss. It was the basis for traditional Voss creation myth that held that their kind were born from the very substance of their homeworld itself. Later stories spoke of how one Voss returned to the Deep Cradle where he drank from the fire of the planet's heart itself. This Voss knew he would perish but knew that the sacrifice was for the greater good. It was his prophetic dying words that guided the ancient Voss safely through the wilderness until they discovered a mountain where they built their capital of Voss-Ka.[1]

Its significance meant that the altars of the Deep Cradle where a sight where potential Voss Mystics meditated and reflected on these myths.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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