Deepdocks were mobile shipyards used by the Imperial Navy.[1]


The smallest deepdock had three work bays, one of which could hold a Victory-class Star Destroyer and the others capable of holding ships smaller than carriers. They were equipped with tractor-beam generators that could hold up to eight damaged ships at a time.[1]

All deepdocks could travel through hyperspace, thus shortening repair time and avoiding Rebel attacks more easily.[1]


The largest known deepdock was the Rendili R/M Facility Number Four, with 125 modular work bays, which could be reconfigured to support larger vessels.[1]

As the Galactic Civil War ground on, the Empire produced more and larger deepdocks to aid the war effort. At this time, standard deepdock fleets contained two deepdocks and 280 support vessels, along with engineering assets.[1]


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