"I'm sorry I doubted you, Rodno"
―Deerna, to Rodno[src]

Deerna was the female lover of Rodno at the time of Darth Vader attempt to conquer Kadril in 1 ABY.


Deerna was a Kadrillian who, apart from her people, lived apart from the other Kadrillians. Deerna was made by Rodno, a young scientist. But Deerna strongly doubted Rodno's abilities, even though he had given up the more natural way of life as non-Nociv.

During a last attack by Father with the Pacifog, Rodno saved Deerna's life as he became injured.

Meanwhile, Leia, Del Quirz and Chewbacca discovered that Rodno's Vibro-crystal proved to be a great success and even protected from the Pacifog of Father. Rodno recovered from his injuries, and Deerna found him a worthwhile partner.



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