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Shield must be deactivated

A holographic representation of the shield protecting the Death Star II.

"Sir, we just lost the main rear deflector shield. One more direct hit on the back quarter and we're done for!"
―C-3PO, to Han Solo[src]

Deflector shields, or simply called shields, were protective energy fields that could protect starships,[1] battle stations,[2] ground-based structures,[3] and even armies from enemy assault. The Confederacy of Independent Systems used a shield around its droid forces during the Battle of Christophsis, preventing the Grand Army of the Republic from attacking until the shield generator was destroyed.[4] The Millennium Falcon, a light freighter, also had a deflector shield,[1] while the Death Star II had a deflector shield powered by a deflector dish on the forest moon of Endor.[2] A special type of shield was a ray shield. Some shields were one-way shields that only allowed a person to come in through the shield, but prevented passage back out through the shield.[5]

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