Dega was a planet in the Dega system of the Elrood sector. Its local day was 19 standard hours long; its year was 295 local days long. The planet was covered in rocky wastelands. It hosted a Radell Mining Corporation mining colony. During the early years of the Galactic Empire, the world's minerals and ores ran dry. The colony was abandoned, leaving behind a polluted planet. The old mines became smugglers' refuges.


Plant life was scarce, and the water, what could be found of it, was poisoned by chemical wastes. The monstrous, rusted chunks of obsolete mining equipment and smelting facilities, all judged too old and useless to incur the expense of moving them off-planet, were a common sight. The planet surface bore deep scars and holes from various mining operations. The ground under Dega's surface was honey-combed with mining tunnels, many of which were unsafe and prone to collapse.


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