The Degan Gas Clouds were patches of gas clouds and nebulae located in Elrood sector.


The Degan Gas clouds were several smaller bodies of gas clouds that surrounded the the Dega and Osirrag systems.[2] Although these nebulae posed a navigational hazard, a trade route had been established that connected the Dega and Osirrag systems with the Kidron system[3] on the Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route.[2]


The Gas Clouds were the source to numerous legends and rumors. Some said, the nebulae were home to a group of Duinuogwuin, fiercely guarding their territory. Others claimed that there were several rogue planetoids hidden inside the Clouds, where a pirate had once hidden his treasure. Another set of legends told of a "ghost ship" or "dimensional creaure" that either helped or attacked any ships that ventured into the Clouds. Spacers publicly dismissed these tales, but none had ever dared to investigate the Clouds himself.[3]

In 1 ABY the Imperial Star Destroyer Brazen was ambushed near the Gas Clouds by the Khuiumin Survivors.[4]


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