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A game of Dejarik aboard the Millennium Falcon

"I suggest a new strategy, Artoo. Let the Wookiee win."
C-3PO to R2-D2 when an advantageous move of R2's prompts Han Solo to explain that Wookiees sometimes pull out people's arms[src]

Dejarik was a popular holographic game that was played throughout the galaxy. When activated, the game would project holographic playing pieces that resembled dangerous-looking species from throughout the galaxy. The players could move their pieces to attack one another, and said pieces would behave like living beings when in battle. The planet Abafar hosted the Abafar Junior Dejarik Club in the city of Pons Ora. Advertisements for the club strictly prohibited Wookiees from participating.[1]

On Jedha, Saw Gerrera's Partisans played dejarik in a hand-carved analog version, as they did not have access to a holographic game table.[2]

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Saw Gerrera's Partisans playing a game of physical dejarik

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Dejarik was portrayed in the first Star Wars film and The Force Awakens with stop-motion animation directed by Phil Tippett. New digitally printed models of the Dejarik figures were created for The Force Awakens by scanning the originals.[4]

Although Lucasfilm developed gameplay rules for Dejarik, they never were publicly released.[5]


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