"The Jeedai killed my clanbrothers and clansisters. We need vengeance on their behalf."

Dejarro was a male Rodian who was a member of the Bomu Clan, a large Rodian clan that was active in the criminal fringe during the era of the New Republic. In 19 ABY, the Klatooinian Koax hired the Bomu Clan to collect the lightsaber of the deceased Jedi Toro Irana on the behalf of her employer, Mika Anjiliac Chiera. Dejarro delivered the weapon to the Klatooinian in a bazaar on the planet Makem Te, and he also informed Koax that another Jedi had investigated a warehouse on Makem Te in which the Bomu Clan had stored a shipment of the spice Tempest, which they had received from Koax's employer. As a punishment for the failure of the Bomu Clan to cover their tracks before the Jedi could arrive, Koax executed Dejarro, by cutting his throat with a throwing blade.


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