Deksi Fivvl was an old Aqualish that served as Naz Felyood's longtime engineer aboard the pirate ship Jynni's Virtue during the height of the New Order. Fivvl also served as the ship's part-time historian, since one of his primary hobbies was studying the history of the galaxy. Much of his information was shoddy at best, but Deksi produced enough valid information to keep the crew from getting into trouble. Much of Deksi's information about the planet Korriban, however, was later rendered inaccurate by the Jedi historians of the New Republic. After landing on Korriban, Deksi and the crew found themselves beset by Korriban zombies, when Captain Felyood tried to take the Heart of Graush. In an effort to make sure the zombies didn't get the ship, Babbnod Luroon set off the self-destruct mechanism, killing the remaining crew as well as the zombies.