Del Binjitt was an agent of the Army of Life.


In 32 BBY, Binjitt was on the planet Naboo. His goal was twofold:

He was to confirm that a group of droids loaded the ship named the Majestic Gundark with "bio-material", which was exactly two hundred eggs of clodhopper sealed in boxes that would only open when contacting with the atmosphere on Stend IV.

He also had to hire an independent team, without links to the Army of Life, to transport the cargo to Stend IV. He was to pay half of the amount when hiring the team, and the other half later, on Ryloth, once the Army could know that the operation was a success.

To do this, Binjitt contacted with Talbrek, a local Kubaz informer, who concerted a meeting between Binjitt and some candidates at Frundle's Cantina. There, Binjitt provided the team with the details they needed, including coordinates for Stend IV and codes for the ship.

Binjitt was not conscious that the authorities were watching him. He also ignored that the bartender had been eavesdropping and reported to the authorities.

It is believed that local authorities arrested Binjitt at this point.