Delan was a female Twi'lek permitor working in the city of Depatar in 31 BBY. She had a well-deserved reputation as a good professional, as she managed to get whatever permit her client needed. Notice that any outsider visiting Depatar was required to have a local permitor.

In 31 BBY, Jedi Knight Alec used Delan as his personal permitor during his stay in Depatar. People dealing with Alec were impressed when they noticed how he had any permit he could need, and thus they increased Delan's reputation when talking about it.

Once Alec decided to hide, he paid Delan a week of vacation in the nearby planet Dorumaa, but he kept her comlink signal to contact her should he needed it. Alec disappeared from the public eye, and so did Delan, who apparently told no-one about her holiday.