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"Delian Mors is many things, Lord Vader, lazy, hedonistic, nihilistic, but she is not and never will be a traitor to the Empire."
Darth Sidious answering Darth Vader's suspicions about Mors being a traitor[src]

Delian Mors was a human female who served as a Moff in the Galactic Empire in the years after the end of the Clone Wars. In the early days of the Empire's rule over the galaxy, Mors' wife, Murra, was killed in a transport accident. Around the same time, she was assigned to a post she considered undesirable. Her loss and her assignment felt like a burden, one that made her neglect some of her duties. A known spice addict, she lived a luxurious lifestyle on Ryloth's largest moon while assigning the day to day affairs of her position to her disgruntled underling Colonel Belkor Dray. With Dray taken aback by Mors' negligent lifestyle and shady contacts, he took it upon himself to actively support a growing resistance movement on the planet in an attempt to tarnish Mors' reputation and place him in command.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Delian Mors was first revealed by Bryan Young, who spoke to Del Rey Star Wars editor Shelly Shapiro about the character in an episode of the Full of Sith Podcast. In the interview, it was revealed that Mors is a lesbian, making her the first LGBT character in the official Star Wars canon.[2] Lords of the Sith author Paul S. Kemp later revealed on his Twitter account that Mors' first name was Delian.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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