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"It's good to see you, Four-Two."
―RC-1138, to Delta 42[src]

Delta 42 was Delta Squad's LAAT pilot who gave them various air support and extractions. He helped Delta Squad out of an exploding Core ship on Geonosis.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Four-Two's dead? That's...a shame. He served the Republic well"
―CC-01/425 to RC-1138, from a scene cut from the game[src]

This clone pilot was originally going to have a relatively larger role in the game, namely, he would be Delta Squad's pilot during a ship crash on Kashyyyk that was cut from the game.

During regular gameplay, a line from Scorch during Kashyyyk campaign while fighting Trandoshans, is " That's for Delta 32! Or was it 42?" He is mentioning that this is revenge for 42's after the cut ship crash, and may have accidentally been left in the game.


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