"You're wasting your time, girl... this bunch goes nowhere for nobody. The Flood's got 'em."
―Padgett describing the effectives of Deluge[src]

Samples of Deluge

Deluge was a form of spice which was utilized as a substitute for food during the Republic Dark Age. The slave workers on the Daimanate world of Aquilaris Minor used it to supplement their meager rations. This drug was able to counter hunger pangs by sapping all desire for food. However, side effects included inducing its users into an apathetic and lethargic state. These drugs took the form of small pill-sized capsules which were usually stored in time locked cases.

Deluge was employed by several parties including the Galactic Republic's Grace Command led by Baron Lemayne. While Grace Command was officially a paramilitary mercy organization providing relief operations in the Sith-dominated Outer Rim, it was in reality a black operations set up by Lemayne. Instead of committing substantial resources to confronting the Sith warlords directly, Lemayne sought to indirectly undermine the Sith's war effort by distributing the narcotics among their military forces under Operation Deluge, in the process destabilizing the populations of Sith subject worlds. By 1032 BBY, it had developed into a serious social and health problem throughout the Grumani sector, affecting both combatants and civilians without discrimination.

Following the Capture of Devil Squadron, the Hutt crime lord attempted to emulate Operation Deluge's success by synthesizing his own drugs and lacing food supplies with Deluge. By affecting every adult and child in the Grumani sector, Zodoh sought to weaken Sith resistance and become the undisputed ruler of the region. However, these plans were disrupted by Captain Jenn Devaad sabotaging the food containers carrying Deluge with time-rigged explosives and Zodoh's untimely demise at the Battle of Darkknell. This ended any Hutt ambitions of challenging Sith domination in Sith Space.

Following the Aquilaris campaign, Devaad and Holt came up with a strategy to sabotage Operation Deluge. Devaad would return to Grace Command and claim that she had gotten for distributing the Deluge on Aquilaris Minor. This ensured that Grace Command would continue to send a transport ship which Devaad would personally fly to and from Sith occupied words. En route, she would get rid of the Deluge while returning to the Republic with civilian refugees.



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