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"Look upon the Galaxy Dragon and tremble, Rebel scum!"
―Warlord Delurin[src]

Delurin was a tall, powerfully built Human male. He was a Moff.


During his time as an Imperial Moff, Delurin oversaw the construction of the prototype Dragon-class heavy cruiser, the Galaxy Dragon, and was in command of it during its final test run. The ship left the Imperial-controlled Kuat Drive Yards assembly line in the remote Karavis system and headed straight for the planet, Miko. As soon as the ship exited hyperspace, Delurin watched as the prototype ship crushed Miko's inhabitants. The Mikoans had refused to bow to Emperor Palpatine's will, and so they were made an example of. Then, the report of Emperor Palpatine's death came over the comm system.

The signal was weak, its images broken and choppy, but the words came through loud and clear. "This is Captain Pellaeon, commanding officer of the Star Destroyer Chimaera," the static-streaked holo image proclaimed with a shaky voice. "The Emperor is dead. The remnants of the Imperial fleet is retreating from the Endor system. The Rebellion has won this battle, but it has not won the war." The message ended, informing all Imperial forces to regroup at a secure installation in the Core Worlds. Delurin, however, did not listen to the order. With the Emperor dead, he decided it was time for a new leader to step forward and grasp the reins of the Empire. Delurin decided that the leader should be he, and that his flagship would be the Dragon cruiser rumbling beneath his feet; his flagship, the Galaxy Dragon.

Delurin immediately proclaimed himself Warlord of Wild Space, a title he made for himself, and set out immediately for the Svekk system. Once there, he conquered the planet Bormter with little problem. The planet would provide him with everything he needed to establish a power base and supply point for his ship and crew. The Bormterrans became the source for Delurin's special Dragon troopers. These troopers were extremely loyal to Warlord Delurin, and were eager to fulfill his will in any way possible. He was known to have created ornate armor both for himself and for his Dragon Troopers, in order to inspire fear in any who saw them.

Warlord Delurin was in constant conflict with the remains of the Galactic Empire as often as he was with the forces of the New Republic. Though he hated the Republic with passion (he still referred to them as the Rebellion, a characteristic he shared with many Imperials), he also believed he was destined to be ruler of the Empire, and so any Imperials who disagreed were marked as enemies. Although he would try to eliminate any of his enemies, he was not usually stupid enough to attack a stronger enemy head on, preferring to mark them for future elimination. He was content for some time to simply rule the frontier systems of Wild Space, though he always had his eyes on the Emperor's vacant throne on Coruscant.

Under the command of Delurin, the Galaxy Dragon was known to have attacked a New Republic diplomatic ship. He caused the ship to crash land on a strange planet in the uncharted regions of Wild Space, where Delurin and his men followed them. Fortunately for the diplomat, a team of Rebels located and rescued him before the Dragon Troopers managed to capture them.

After this, the diplomat headed toward the planet Miko, to arrange for the Mikoans to join the Republic. Delurin came on board the Dragon to put an end to this, but a joint Mikoan/Republic force managed to repel the Dragon and his Dragon Troopers from the planet.

Delurin was also known to have ordered the Dragon to attack the pleasure cruiser Wendiri Nightstar, and demanded that all occupants surrender and place the vessel under his command. However, upon trying to board he was repelled by a group of passengers who managed to hold back his Dragon Troopers long enough for the Nightstar to get her hyperdrive engines operational again, and managed to flee into hyperspace.