Demar was the fourth planet of the Demar system.

The planet had one large continent in the eastern hemisphere, and three smaller ones in the western hemisphere. The hemispheres were separated by the Alto Ocean and the Lant Ocean. Ice caps covered both poles.

The geography mainly consisted of ancient, rocky mountains, long valleys, and wide plateaus. In the equatorial regions, the mountains were topped by huge, windswept mesas.

Cities were built in valleys, on the tops of plateaus, or into the sides of the mountains. Most cities were on the largest continent. Well-marked speederways and air-traffic routes connected Demar's cities.

The Lant Mining Corporation wholly owned the planet, and its corporate headquarters were located in the capital city of Janos. As a result, Demar's economy was very dependent on the fortunes of its corporate owner. Around the time of the Battle of Yavin, unemployment rates had skyrocketed due to a drop in Lant Mining's production. Thus the spaceports were often packed with people begging or looking for passage off Demar.

Maceb Joodsen, copilot of the Redshift Runner, was from Demar.[1]


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