Den Velmor was the capital city on the planet, Velmor. Seventeen-years before the Battle of Yavin, King Lorac and Queen Denira maintained the royal palace and operated in opposition to Emperor Palpatine’s New Order. The Imperial Army gained a foothold on Velmor and took control of the capital city assassinating the king and queen. Prince Denid fled from Velmor, leaving his younger brother, Prince Anod (an Imperial sympathizer) behind. The royal regent, Zelor, took control of Den Velmor and maintained its status as an Imperial city for many years.

Three years after the Battle of Yavin, Prince Denid returned to Velmor, deposed Zelor and Anod and took his rightful place as the planet's new king. From that point forward, Den Velmor became a city working in opposition to the goals of the Empire.

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